Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.

Business Continuity Planning

Fires, pandemics, cyber-attacks, power outages and failure of suppliers are just a few unexpected incidents that cause significant disruption and financial loss to thousands of businesses each year. Business Continuity Management can protect your organisation by mitigating these known risks as well as preparing for the unexpected.

Willis IRM can support your organisation by mitigating these known risks as well as preparing for the unexpected. Business Continuity Management can also assist in creating a competitive advantage and providing reassurance to staff, investors and other stakeholders.

❛…..Insurers have recognised the benefit of Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning and will offer premiums that reflect suitably protected businesses.❜

Our business continuity planning services include:

  • Business Continuity Healthcheck – Whether or not you already have Business Continuity plans in place, it is an inexpensive way of establishing how vulnerable your organisation is and what practical steps you can take to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – Identifies and documents your key products and services; the critical activities required to deliver these; the impact that a disruption of these activities would have on your organisation; and the resources required to resume the activities.
  • Risk & Threat Assessments – looks at the likelihood and impact of a variety of risks that could cause a business interruption. By assessing these, you will be able to prioritise your risk reduction activities.
  • Business Continuity Strategy – identifying the action that you can take to maintain the critical activities that underpin the delivery of your organisation’s products and services.
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP) – Documented procedures that guide you on how to respond, recover, resume and restore to a predefined level of operation following a disruption
  • Training & Exercise – Your BCM arrangements cannot be considered reliable until they are exercised and have proved to be workable. Exercising should involve: validating plans; rehearsing key staff; and testing systems which are relied upon to deliver resilience.
  • ISO 22301 aligned management systems – The overall management system that establishes, implements, operates, monitors, reviews, maintains and improves business continuity.

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