Recently we have witnessed a vast surge of companies contacting us wondering how competitive their salaries are in the current challenging labour market. In particular, they have lost some top talent to other firms as a result of attractive salaries and available benefits. With high turnover creating operational challenges and costs, investing in the right salary and benefits package for employees has never been more important.

In efforts to avoid losing any additional top talent to offers of better pay packages and to attract new recruits, salary benchmarking can be vitally important to stability and future growth. Gaining access to this information is difficult, and without any guidance of the compensation packages offered by other organisations, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our salary benchmarking services can offer a complete breakdown of competitor salary data within specific sectors and locations, which will take into account the accurate scope of the role. We can help you identify where you are in line with your competitors, and recommend options to become more competitive, if needed. We can identify more commercial options, such as providing additional employee benefits, where is it more cost effective than simply increasing salary.

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