With people living longer and healthier lives most of us look forward to an enjoyable retirement and making the most of our increased leisure time. However in order to maintain your standard of living and enjoy the retirement you are hoping for, you need to give serious consideration to your retirement provision.

You may plan to use a combination of state pension, private or occupational schemes and other assets such as property or existing investment portfolios to provide your retirement income.

If you arrive at the ‘destination’ of retirement without adequate resources already in place you face a grim future, with few options to repair the situation.

Pensions can be confusing and knowing how to invest your money wisely to provide for a financially secure retirement can be daunting. Whatever your age, even if you have just started out on your career path, you should start giving serious consideration to how and when to save for your retirement and how long you want to work. Everyone needs money to live on when they retire but few people give sufficient thought to their long-term savings.

As you approach retirement, quantifying your needs and working through the different options available to you can also be confusing. However, saving for a pension is one of the most effective ways to save money for the future as you can take advantage of the tax benefits associated with pension schemes.

At Willis Wealth Management, we can help you to calculate your financial needs and understand how the existing arrangements you have can help you to generate the income you need to meet your requirements.

We can advise you about:

  • Your State benefits
  • Private Personal Pension Schemes ­ including Stakeholder pension
  • Occupational Pension Schemes – also known as company pensions
  • Other Investments

If you are still working, a review of your existing retirement planning provisions can tell you how you are progressing towards your goals and help you to understand them. We can also help you to deal with any potential shortfalls by ensuring your existing assets are well managed.

We can also provide specialist advice in respect of Occupational Pension Schemes where you are a preserved member (you have left service) or where you are approaching retirement and need to decide whether to take your benefits from the scheme or transfer to a private arrangement.

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