You work hard to earn income to invest so you want to maximize the return on your investments.

However, the world of investment management can appear very confusing as there are numerous ways to invest in a variety of different assets.

Perhaps you already have money invested in savings and other financial assets but are unsure exactly what you have invested in and what levels of risk you have taken. We can assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of which type investments you should consider and help you to get what you need from your investment capital. Is it growth, income or a combination of both? When set against the risk you are prepared to take are your goals realistic?

The first step is to establish your attitude towards investment risk. We have assisted many clients to do this and can help you to build realistic expectations. Once you know what you need and what level of risk you are comfortable with, we will help you to determine if your existing investments and savings are helping you achieve your financial goals and recommend actions to put you on the right track.

By reviewing your investment affairs, we will help you decide if you should invest in unit trusts, bonds or ISA¹s and what assets will be held in these different types of investment.

There are a number of investment wrappers available to you that will determine the tax structures that hold the investment.

These include:

  • Deposit Accounts
  • Unit Trusts
  • OEICs (Open Ending Investment Companies)
  • IVCVs (Investment Companies with Variable Capital)
  • Onshore Investment Bonds and Offshore Investment Bonds
  • PEPs and ISAs (PEPs are not available for new investment)
  • Other collective investment schemes

Through these different investment wrappers you can invest in assets including:

  • Cash
  • Gilts and Bonds
  • Stocks and Shares both UK and Global
  • Structured products
  • Commercial Property and REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust Schemes)

We also have established relationships with some discretionary managers who are able to help us to monitor the investments of more complex clients.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate deposits, taxation and trust advice on some forms of offshore investment.

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