For customers of the Willis IRM taxi-scheme underwritten by Allianz, as well as our other taxi insurers, insurers are offering various levels of assistance under their policies. Below is a sample from the Allianz scheme.

Reduction to SD&P requests

  • We will agree to request for reduction in cover to SD&P
  • Premium reduction
  • We will front load the discount for up to 2 months (31st May) or up to renewal date whichever is the lesser from the effective date of the request
  • For full pay customers this refund will be credited to brokers account.
  • For Direct Debit customers we will initially offer the spreading of the discount across the remaining instalments
  • If customer requires full taxi cover prior to expiry of 2 month period we will charge appropriate additional premium
  • We will not request return of certificate
  • This initiative will be reviewed at the end of April and Allianz have the right to withdraw this at any time


Please note the following conditions which will be included on the endorsement

  • The policyholder must remove both the roof sign and the taxi plate from the vehicle
  • Voluntary work in relation to the Covid 19 crisis on SD&P cover is acceptable
  • Paid work to assist with deliveries etc during this period is NOT covered under SD&P cover – they must have full taxi cover in place for this extension to be granted

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