It is of huge importance to us that we are able to fulfil our commitment to clients in delivering a first-class service, should the situation with Coronavirus deteriorate in the coming weeks.

We have a tailored BCP plan which we are testing at present by having a number of our team work from home. Part of the testing will be to ensure that we maintain our client service levels, should the need arise to make this working practice longer-term and more wide-spread. 

Willis IRM has the capability for our people to operate anywhere by remotely accessing all systems, files, enquiries and communications.

In the unlikely event that your usual day to day contact has to self-isolate, you will receive further communication from us that will direct you to a colleague that will be ready to assist you with your enquiries or administrative queries. 

To find out more about our Services please contact our team today on T. +44 (0) 28 9032 9042 or fill out the form below: