There are a variety of affordable workplace health screening services available to manage the long-term health and wellbeing of your employees.

Health screens are designed to encourage employees to take an active interest in their own health and support them in making positive lifestyle changes. Some of these services can help identify serious cancers such as prostate and bowel at an early stage. The following ideas and strategies can apply to all cancer types that have screening mechanisms.

  •         Provide education to the workforce about the benefits of individual cancer screening and recommendations for when to get screened.

o   Emphasise that screenings for the three most common cancers; breast, cervical and bowel cancer are available.

o   Include these screening recommendations in a larger discussion about the importance of preventive care and recommended screenings.

o   Communication methods could include brochures, emails, traditional post, posters, telephone reminders and more.

o   For those whose results come back positive, emphasise the necessity for patients to seek a diagnostic follow-up and treatment as needed.

  •         Offer flexible work schedules so employees can take time to get needed screenings and attend doctor appointments.
  •         If you offer a private health plan, it should cover the screenings under required preventive care cover, but also consider covering diagnostic follow-up exams and certain treatments.
  •         If applicable, ask your private health insurance broker to send reminders to employees and providers when a patient is due for a recommended screening. Otherwise, patient reminders can also be part of your company’s employee well-being programme and provide a good opportunity for education on the health benefits of screening.

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