According to the latest Department of Health figures nearly 300,000 people in Northern Ireland are on a waiting list for a first appointment with a consultant.

That’s a rise of 8.5% on the previous year, with more than a third of patients waiting for more than a year despite targets that state no-one should wait longer than 52 weeks. In 2018, the wait time for NHS cancer treatments was declared “the worst on record”.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that this has had a major impact on NI companies, with employee absence costs increasing steadily year on year.

Employers should act now to up their healthcare provision and ensure they’re not left behind.  Private Medical Insurance, Health Cash Plans, and Group Income Protection can provide solutions for employers, ensuring their employees have prompt access to treatment, rehabilitation services and emotional support to aid their return to work.  

Employees are clamouring for healthcare provisions as part of their contracts. Personal Group found that 40 per cent of staff want health insurance added to their benefits package, and a study specialising in the management of an age-diverse workforce from CIPD found that 50 per cent of staff are excited about the idea of health and protection benefits.

With so many cost containment options available these types of policies can suit all company budgets.

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