Although keyless car entry is a widely popular and seemingly convenient update in vehicle technology, recent reports revealed that this feature comes with significant risk.

Tips to Limit Vulnerability

Keyless entry systems—which allow vehicles to start if a key fob is close by—are increasingly vulnerable to vehicle theft.

Indeed, technology experts identified that 80 per cent of the top vehicle models sold in the UK lack proper security features to prevent thieves from tricking the car systems’ sensors. Vehicle thieves are consequently able to utilise relay devices to alter the signal and make the vehicle technology process as though the key fob is nearby, allowing the hijacker to unlock and start the car—regardless of where the real key fob is.

Don’t let your car’s updated technology lead to vehicle theft. Use this guidance to limit your vulnerability and pump the brakes on hijackers:

  • Park in a safe location—Thieves are far less likely to steal your car if it’s located in a secure area. Consider parking your vehicle in a closed garage, if possible. If you have to park on the street or driveway, try to park near other vehicles in a high-traffic area to make your car less accessible.
  • Make use of metal—While technology experts found that relay device signals can pass through doors, walls and windows, the signal is unable to penetrate metal. Try keeping your keys in metal storage as a safeguard.
  • Talk to your car dealer—If you are considering keyless entry for your car, be sure to discuss the risks and system security practices with your dealer.

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