With the prevalence of internet-connected devices, cyber-crime has become the most common form of crime in the United Kingdom.

What’s more, even though you may not feel threatened by cyber-criminals, you can provide them with quick, easy funds, if you are not careful. One simple strategy to restrict cyber-criminals’ access to your finances and private digital information is by having a robust home network. While setting up a strong home network may seem complex, you can complete it easily in the following four steps:

  1. Install your router as close to the centre of your home as possible, as this limits access to those outside your home.
  2. Change your default network name and router password to something that doesn’t easily give away personal information. Consider changing your password at least every six months.
  3. Switch your wi-fi channels to ensure you are not on the same channel as your neighbours. The best wi-fi channels are 1, 6 and 11.
  4. Regularly update your router’s firmware to improve its performance and tighten up its cyber-defences.

A number of home insurers had added cyber cover to their existing policies to help combat hacking, stealing, cyber liability (passing on a virus) and identity theft. This can either be a paid-for extra or as part of a high net worth household policy. A home cyber policy may not be suitable for everyone so always remember to keep your firewall updated, save a back-up of your home computer and always update software as this contains ‘bug fixes’ and updated security.

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