As summer time and bank holiday’s approach, have you given thought to what may be in your shed?

Reassess the value and security of your gardening supplies—about £4 billion of garden furniture, plants and supplies are stolen from gardens and other outdoor spaces each year in Britain. If you have a garden shed, properly secure the structure with strong, working locks.

Remember to add each new item kept in your shed to the sum insured amount under your contents insurance. It’s your responsibility to report new valuables to your broker before filing a replacement claim. Contact us today to determine the most comprehensive contents insurance policy for your gardening needs. 

Under-estimating the true value of your house and its contents is a major pitfall when insuring your home – and could lead to lower than expected pay-outs or policies being declared void.

Many policies include what’s known as a Principal of Average meaning that insurers will deduct a percentage from their pay-out equal to that of the under-insurance – regardless of the sum insured on the policy.

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