The UK is the third largest market for art and antiques.  There are several reasons why we are a nation of art lovers. An art collection can be an excellent investment, it may highlight the good taste of the owner, provide enjoyment and aid relaxation and the right pieces can be serious status symbols.

Businesses are increasingly displaying art on their premises to help create a more pleasing atmosphere, humanise the workplace and promote their corporate identity.

Corporate art collections differ from other art collections because their place within a work environment creates several specific issues and concerns. For instance, images must not be contentious and may need to fit in with brand image and colour scheme.

No matter who selects the art, why they choose to collect it and whether it is displayed in the workplace or the home, it is vital that such a fragile and valuable asset is properly protected.

Many standard office or commercial combined policies will not cater for valuable works of art and the same is true of home insurance. A specialist fine art policy is the key to effective insurance coverage. Collectors must make sure the contents sum insured reflects the full value of the art. Owners should obtain professional valuations, take photos and keep such information in a catalogue, noting the art’s provenance, condition, age etc. These details will all help in the event of a claim.

When dealing with a claim, a number of insurers will allow the client a choice on settlement. For example if partial damage is sustained insurers may repair, replace or pay the value of the damaged item.

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