Is Your Business a Safe Place to Work?
If the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland visited your premises would your business be compliant with current legislation?

Approximately 9000 workplace injuries occur in Northern Ireland each year, 4200 of which are reportable to the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland or local council

Employers have a legal duty to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of both their employees and non-employees who may be affected by their business operations

Good safety management is also essential in preventing claims from occurring and leads to improved claims experiences and therefore lower insurance premiums, better employee morale and a more productive work culture

Improve your health and safety management with assistance from Willis & Company Risk Management:

  • Design and implementation of Safety Management systems.
  • Claims defence audit of existing procedures and documentation.
  • Preparation of Health and Safety Policies and Safe Working procedures including sub-contractors safety codes.
  • Preparation of health and safety manuals.
  • Undertaking Risk Assessments for both general workplace activities and also specific areas, such as manual handling, display screen equipment and fire.
  • Health and Safety Courses on topics such as Safety Awareness, Risk Assessments, Manual Handling, Accident Reporting etc.
  • Construction Site Safety Inspections.



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